If An Extra $1,000,000 In Private Money Sounds Appealing To You
Over The Next 8 Weeks, Then Watch This Video

This Could Be You In The Next Few Weeks

What Would You Do With An Extra $1M In The Next 8 Weeks?

Hey it's Rob, and if you're even 1/2 serious about taking your real estate investing business to the next level in the coming year...this is a NO-BRAINER.  If you missed it in the video, I'm going to literally walk along side you and get new private money at the same time as you.

So here's the deal... This works. All you have to do is follow the process.  As a matter of fact, the folks shown above were my first round of beta-testers in the Mastermind and this is just a glimpse into their success and what they created for themselves.  That's right, they followed the process and got results, no magic, nothing special... Just regular people that were committed to success and took action.

Get Private Money Along Side Me -- What "Guru" Does That?

When you have access to private money, there are 4 ways I'll teach you to get paid.  You won't have to wait for a deal to "sell"...that's one of the biggest missing pieces in even successful real estate investors strategies.

I'll teach you how to get:

  • 100% funding - Private Lenders that fund the purchase, holding costs and fix-up
  • No qualifying, you'll learn a simple, process that will get lenders approaching YOU
  • How to reduce all risks for both you and your lenders (they love it) and close deals

I'll teach you how to get paid UP-FRONT, In The Middle and AT THE END on every deal.

Most real estate investors, even if they have access to private money, they have their private money programs structured wrong.  I'll show you how to structure it right and stabilize your cash flow while protecting your private lenders every step of the way...

Name a "guru" that will let you tag or show me an opportunity you've had to work that closely in the trenches and just follow the steps.

We'll both follow the PROVEN process that has worked for me and gotten me millions of dollars in private money for years.  The investment in the Private Money Mastermind is normally over $10,000+ -- but when you make the decision now to join this group, you can tag along for less than 1/2 price, while I launch my business in a new City.

  • Private Money lenders fund your purchase, repairs, closing & holding costs - 100%
  • You put cash in your pocket the day you close - you can almost Print Money
  • Requires NO downpayment, NO credit check and NO qualifying - Anyone can do this

Small Investment In An "Implementation Mastermind" Is A No-Brainer

Working directly with me here's just a sample of what you'll get:

  • Follow a PROVEN process WITH ME as I get private money at the same time - copy the steps
  • You'll share all my PAPERWORK so you don't have to recreate the wheel (this is an open book)
  • Watch as I develop a new Private Money Program in a new city and position it for success
  • 1-on-1 training, steps and RESULTS every week - PLUS - accountability to each tiered goal
  • Learn my EXACT presentation strategy and script FORMULA that sucks in cash on auto-pilot

This is insight that normally only my team members and employees have access to.

The Private Money Mastermind meetings will be held starting on Thursday, June 30 at 4:00 pm MST (Mountain Standard Time) and will go for 8 weeks.  This is by application only and for experienced investors.

This is a LIVE mastermind each week, so you and I will work directly together 1-on-1 in a small group.

All meetings will be recorded so you'll have access to everything online for review or if you miss a meeting.

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