How To Flip Houses,
Rehabbing 101 (Part 1)

Have you ever watched those “Real Estate TV” shows and wondered how much of it is real and how much is just TV?

Well, here’s your chance to get an insider’s view as you join me, Rob Swanson, for a  step-by-step tour through every stage of rehabbing houses for profit.

In this house flipping series, I’ll show you how we took the ugliest house in a nice, quaint neighborhood and transformed it into the nicest home on the block — in less than 30 days.  Take a look at the videos below and watch as I walk through the house just after closing.  You’ll see  our vision for the project, walk through our demolition efforts and see the rehabbing work begin.

Rehab Video Diary, Day of Closing - Exterior Overview

In this first video, we kick off our project and show you what we started with and what the overall plan will be.

Rehab Video Diary, Demolition Begins

By Day 2, the demolition process is already underway.

Rehab Video Diary, Work In Progress 

And by Day 10, the work is in full swing.

Rehab Video Diary, Framing and Drywall

On Day 13, our efforts are focused on the main area of the house.  We continue work on the kitchen, entryway and bathroom, with the framing done and the majority of the drywall up.


Stay Tuned...

Join us for Part 2 of this series as you see the transformation continue.

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