Real Estate Wholesaling 101

Ok, first things first – I need you to erase anything and everything you ever thought you knew about making money in real estate, flipping houses and becoming a real estate entrepreneur.

You may have an idea of what you think the real world of real estate investing is all about, but, if your mind wanders to tenants, toilets and trash – you’re in for a BIG SURPRISE by reading this page.


Well, because the REAL WORLD of real estate investing is an entire sub-culture of people that are completely under the radar. And, most people, including most real estate agents, are completely unaware that we even exist.

Real estate agents don’t have access to the best deals and yet, for most people, calling an agent is the only place they think they know to find cheap houses and get started in real estate.

You’re in for a real awakening as I introduce you to this subculture of real estate entrepreneurs that are making a silent killing, under the radar and outside of the public eye.

Let me say it again, the best deals are not found, controlled or even available to most real estate agents.

…they are controlled by real estate investors (people like you and me) — guys and gals that buy and sell houses for profit.

Specifically, “Real Estate Wholesalers” (a term you probably haven’t heard before today) have access to all the best deals.

This is important.

In real estate, the person with access to the best deals, makes the most money.

That’s why on today’s training I want to focus on a few things that real estate wholesalers are really good at and show you how anyone can create quick cash using none of your own money, even if you have very little time and with little to no risk.

Remember yesterday, I shared my $42K in 45 days story.

That was over a decade ago but it was my introduction to real estate entrepreneurship and the beginning of what I’ll tell you has been a pretty great journey. I did it simply by learning the techniques of “real estate wholesaling”.

If you can master the art of WHOLESALING, you will fast-track your real estate investing success.

When you learn to wholesale, you’ll learn to get the best leads and find the best deals.

And, as I just stated, when you have access to the best leads and the best deals, you make the most money.

…that is where you want to be…

So what is real estate wholesaling?

Simply put, real estate wholesaling is a strategy used to get paid extremely well ($3,000 – $5,000 up to $10,000 or more) just for finding great deals and “flipping them” to other cash rich investors.

Let me explain. It basically works like this.

Larry Rehabber is looking high and low for a good real estate deal. He’s got the cash, he knows how to fix up property and he’s ready to close. He just has one huge problem.

Larry can’t find any good deals.

He has talked to several AGENTS only to find that while they sent him a few properties, in the end, he just couldn’t buy them cheap enough (they weren’t good deals) or the REALTOR wouldn’t make the offer low enough to meet his criteria.

He’s stuck…

Heck, he’s gotten to the point that he’s willing to buy a good deal from someone if they can just find him one…

HINT: That’s where you’re going to come in in just a minute.

Larry has a simple model.

He buy property at a discount following simple formula that he knows will lead to a profit.

His basic formula is this:

After Repaired Value (minus) Fix-Up Costs (times) 65% = Larry’s Maximum Allowable Offer

The Maximum Allowable Offer is the most Larry Rehabber will pay for a property.

Simple right?

Now remember, Larry’s a successful investor with cash. He knows what he wants to buy, has the construction crews lined up to and has the cash to close. He just needs to find his next deal.

To make more money he needs to find and buy another cheap house and, he is willing to pay anyone that can help him find one.

That’s where you, (as a real estate wholesaler) comes in.

See, as a real estate wholesaler you become Larry’s DEAL FINDER. And, you get paid “by Larry” to help him find deals that is is unable to find on his own or through an agent.

Because Larry Rehabber already has the cash, the expertise and the experience, when you help him find his next deal, you make quick cash without using any of your own money or credit…you just flip him the deal and he closes on it.

Are you starting to see how this works?

Real estate wholesalers get good at turning over rocks, searching for properties and making offers on houses that Larry wants to buy. And, then getting that offer accepted at a price just a little lower than what you know Larry is willing to pay (I’ll explain the typical math below).

…then simply “sell the deal” to Larry at the price he IS willing to pay and…

You pocket the difference.

To pull off the quick sale of this great deal to Larry Rehabber, you’ll simply sell your contract or set-up a double closing. (You’ll learn more about both of these in upcoming training sessions).

Here’s how the basic math works.

Larry Rehabber will pay up to:
$65,000 for a house

You find the deal for:
$58,000 — and get your offer accepted.

You sell Larry the deal for his maximum price of $65,000 and puts a QUICK $6,000 in your pocket using none of your own
money, without credit and with virtually zero rlsk…

After paying you and closing on the property, Larry Rehabber fixes up the property for $20,000 and sells it for $145,000 after about 3 months for a great profit.

This is a win/win deal for both you and Larry don’t you think?

You make QUICK CASH by helping Larry find a deal and Larry keeps his construction crews working, get a terrific deal and make a lot of money (over $30 Grand in profit).

And this is what’s great.

The best wholesalers, after you get a few quick cash deals under your belt, start wearing both hats. Imagine making the money as a wholesaler AND profiting from your own fix and flip deals.

I can assure you, it’s worth it.

So, here are your next steps:

1. Find Larry Rehabber and figure out what he wants to buy
2. Develop a marketing and buying system to find great deals
3. Make offers and put a great deals under contract (an upcoming training will teach you this step)
4. Complete your paperwork to sell your deal to Larry Rehabber
5. Show up to closing, sign and collect your check
6. Shake hands with Larry Rehabber and smile
8. Repeat

My advice to you:
Learn how to become a real estate wholesaler and make real estate entrepreneurship YOUR REALITY.

Now go flip a house…

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